Leonor Baum Capristano

I came to Israel because of a very big Psoriasis explosion during pregnacy.
When I came to the Dead See I didn’t know about IPTC Clinic and was seen by another doctor. After some days without
getting much improvement on my Psoriasis status, I was adviced by other patiences to visit this clinic.
Already that same day in the evening I felt a general releave from heatching on the head and the next day most of the spots
spread all over my body were better. After 10 days of treatment I am almost clean of psoriasis.
I am sure that after 3 weeks of being followed by this professional and very friendly team I would be totally healthy and
clean again.
I can only advice everybody to go directly to IPTC Clinic and let them take the best care of you!
South Africa.

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